What we do

Most agencies take your money, we deliver value.

While most agencies can buy ads or build a website, they lack the ability to deliver what matters to your business: real customers. We take a holistic approach to develop a customized marketing funnel to profitably drive customers to your sales team.

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How we do it

We help businesses convert more customers online.

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Our Services

We do whatever it takes to bring you customers.
We handle your internet marketing, website development and marketing optimization in order to create a lead funnel to grow your business.


Some of our services include:

Marketing Analysis

Most businesses do not know how their marketing dollars are driving returns for their business. We perform a full marketing analysis for each of our clients to analyze which marketing channels are driving the highest ROI and where there is opportunity to increase customer acquisition while lowering costs.

Paid Media

Online advertising is available on platforms including Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and others to reach consumers that are using these applications daily. Not only are we are experts in using paid media across several channels, but also determining which channels you customers are using and where you can advertise for the best ROI.

Content Marketing

Today’s customers are looking for more than just a product or service, they are looking to you to provide expertise in your industry through quality content. We work with our clients to create a content marketing strategy to create prospects that turn into customers.

Website Development

We have developed an expertise in creating websites and lead funnels that acquire customers for our own businesses. We bring our team’s years of experience across multiple business verticals to you by implementing lead acquisition strategies on your website and media properties.

Lead Optimization

Not all customer leads are made equal. As we manage your campaign, we analyze the media campaigns and customer segments that have the highest ROI and are most profitable for your business.

Lead Generation Services

Our team has been delivering leads for over 8 years.

In addition to our professional digital marketing services, we also provide real-time internet leads and inbound phone calls to clients in the following verticals:

  • Health Insurance Phone Transfers
  • Health Insurance Real Time Exclusive Leads
  • Health Insurance Real Time Shared Leads
  • Health Insurance Aged Leads
  • Life Insurance Live Phone Transfers
  • Life Insurance Real Time Exclusive Leads
  • Life Insurance Aged Leads
  • Auto Insurance Live Phone Transfers
  • Auto Insurance Aged Leads
Merchant Cash Advance
  • Merchant Cash Advance Live Phone Transfers
  • Merchant Cash Advance Direct Mail Leads
  • Merchant Cash Advance Real Time Internet Leads
  • Equipment Financing Leads (EQ)
  • Credit Cards Processing Lads (CCP)
  • Business Credit Building (BCB)
Home Improvement
  • Solar Inbound Calls
  • Home Improvement Real Time Exclusive Leads

Our Team

We are Andrew and Faraz – two enterpreneurs who love building companies.

So much so that we decided to combine our passion and knowledge to help businesses get more customers online. We are owners and operators, so we treat our clients‘ businesses like our own.


Faraz lives to solve problems and deliver results through a systems approach. He has a range of experience from personally creating small business websites to leading teams of engineers to launch a multi-million dollar technology platform. Prior to Go Direct, Faraz was Head of Marketing and Product Development at DOmedia, a VC backed marketing tech startup, and Founder of Khan Investments, a real estate investment firm. Faraz is also a member of the Young Enterepreneur Council (YEC), a highly selective, invite-only organization for startup founders under 40.


Andrew has spent over 8 years in the lead generation industry in all parts of the value chain, from client-side to vendor-side and everywhere in between. He knows how to not only effectively drive online traffic but also turn that traffic into loyal customers. Prior to Go Direct, Andrew was VP of Business Development at InsuranceAgents.com, where he created partnerships with Fortune 500 companies in the Insurance Category for its internet products.

Behind these two faces are a team of designers, developers, and internet marketing specialists that round out our abilty to deliver results while keeping costs low.

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How we are priced

We are performance based marketers

We will work with you to set up a win-win relationship that incentivizes us to work on your business like it‘s our own.

Full Marketing Audit

Starting at $250


  • Historical data & conversion metrics
  • Identifying top performing campaigns
  • Detailed insights & recommendations

Find out what‘s working, and what‘s not with a full marketing audit. Your audit includes a detailed analysis of your media spend and action items to optimize your conversion metrics.

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Starter Package

Starting at $1000 / month


  • Current marketing performance analysis
  • $500 / month ad spend & management
  • New or existing optimized website ($3000 value)
  • 1 year commitment

This package is for small businesses, realtors and brands that need to drive traffic to their website and turn them into leads for their sales team

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Performance Package

Starting at $1000 / month + costs & commissions


  • Current marketing performance analysis
  • New marketing funnel setup
  • Campaign management
  • Web development
  • Lead optimization

We‘ll work with your team to build you a lead generation engine while keeping costs low. This would include setting up a marketing funnel using

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A few of our clients


We own and operate a top performing health insurance website in one of the most competitive verticals in the online marketing industry. We manage over a dozen paid and non-paid media campaigns across multiple ad platforms and channels to drive thousands of customers and phone calls to our insurance clients.


We have built and grown this website from the ground up into a lead generation business in the auto insurance vertical. Our team manages content marketing and paid media campaigns to continually drive leads to our customers while maintaining a competitive cost per acquisition.


We developed a custom website and Google Adwords strategy for this multi-million dollar real estate agency to drive qualified buyers to their business.

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